Brief introduction of company

Forestry software development in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for web, desktop and mobile platforms.

Main services:

  • Software rent, support
  • Consulting
  • Software planning

4 main software products:

Central desktop forestry software FIS, supporting applications e-Mets and Timber stock. Nordic Forest application

Fis main2 600pix

FIS – Forestry Information System maintains forest data and synchronizes newest data with and from field applications.

Main tools for:

  • Supported languages are Estonian and English.
  • Many reports to see the status of the ownership, stock, etc.
  • Several options to import or export data
  • Map window options
    • Map layers like cadastral and compartment borders, ortho, soil and base maps or customer own layers support.
    • Map layers from field applications – survey points, track logs, forestry machines location
    • Edit stand borders, measure and map printing functions provided
    • Automated work planning with few clicks
  • Database mirroring to customer existing systems


e-Mets application – mobile forestry software. e-Mets is tool for keeping forest data updated in field. Works on iPhone and iPad. Gives opportunity:

  • Supported languages are Estonian and English.
  • To update all the main figures and calculate results while in forest.
  • Update planned and done works status.
  • Offline mode to work without network coverage.
  • Map contains orthophoto, soil, base map, survey map layers, etc..
  • Stand polygon editing functions
  • Drone support. User can use drone live stream video with all map layers at the same time on app – New function, available soon!
  • Track log and survey points layers shared with central system.
  • Navigation to chosen estate.
  • One click sync with server
  • Download forest data while driving towards forest
  • Check out screenshots gallery of app

Avakuva sat

Timber stock application is made for forestry-machine operators.

  • Gives chance to send daily harvested, forwarded or transported amount of timber to central system.
  • Gives location of machinery (harvester, forwarder, timber truck) to the main system and e-Mets map windows.


Nordic Forest application

  • Simple tool to map property.
  • Allows forest volume calculation
  • Instant reporting